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Story 15. Panty slavery

I met Goddess Lemur right after my mother died and her panties were the only thing that helped me cope. I was very vunerable and Goddess Lemur was so beautiful to me that it made me weak just to see her pantied ass, I wanted to kneel under her and lick her clean for the rest of my life to hide from the pain.

Goddess felt my weakness and gave me love, she made me feel special to know her and she ordered me to wear panties all the time if I wanted to be her friend. I was more than willing and within a week or two she had me crawling at her feet as a helpless pantyslave, she knew exactly what she was doing and I was so weak that she didn't even bother to ask whether pantyslavery is what I wanted, she decided it was what I needed and that was that.

Right from the start Goddess Lemur would make me send her photos of her new pantyslave and I did as I was told, I was so in love that I would never be able to say no to her and she knew this, so very soon after I started sending photos she requested contact information and email adresses for all my friends and family, she said it was just a little insurance to make sure I never misbehave around her, she told me that if I wanted to have any of her attention I would need to be completely obedient to her, she was only interested in obedient sluts as far as men were concerned.

When my inheritance came through from my mothers death I had enough money to start my own life with out too much struggle. Goddess Lemur told me that she was going to send all the photos of me as her sissy pantyslave to my friends and family unless I started paying my inheritance to her directly, she said it was more important that she have money for luxury items like champagne for all her friends and vacations for her boyfriend and her down to the black sea. I was so afraid of being publicly humiliated that I gave her everything I had inherited and I became homeless while she remodeled her new home that she bought with her many slaves earnings.

I was happy for her because I loved her so much and she explained that for me to live in total poverty was the greatest tribute I could give her. I have stayed homeless most of the time since and anytime I get a real job I make sure to send my paychecks to Goddess Lemur, she still hasn't sent the photos to my family and friends but she promised me that she will the minute I fail to serve her financial needs.

I have learned to be happy about her victories and also full of joy at the fact that she loves seeing me beg for food while she eats in the finest resturaunts, Goddess Lemur has taught me how to be a good slut for her, and that is the most I will ever have. Financial slavery is what I am born for she says, and I would vine Goddess.

Panty slave. The real slave from the story above

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Story 15. Panty slave story

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