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Becoming a Goddess

'I want to be a money slave,' said the man. 'I enjoy financial slavery and want to serve a money domme.'

'Hmm,' I thought, 'I like the idea of this money slavery, but what should I call myself? A money slave mistress, a financial domme, a money mistress, a money dom, a money lady, or maybe a money goddess?'

I turned to the man, and shouted: 'Listen here, moneyslave, you will pay me every last penny in your bank account. You will give it to me within the hour, now fuck off and get MY money!!!'

The financial slave ran off to the bank, and my face beamed with a wide happy smile, showing off my perfect pearl white teeth.

Stop begging to be my money slave!! you will never be allowed to worship my gorgeous feet without a tribute!
PAY NOW and get ready to be my personal cash-cow!

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