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Money Slavery

I want money slaves to serve me financially. I am beautiful and I deserve your worship. Surrender now, it's what you've always wanted, isn't it?

Financial Slavery

You know I deserve your cash more than you. Apply to me now with a generous tribute, and tell me what you have to offer.

You're Scheduled Now

I put my slaves on strict payment schedules, so they never forget who they serve.

Panty Slavery

I know you want to worship my fragrant panties, and sniff my gusset. Apply to serve me, and I might let you.

Real Panty Slavery - No Bullshit

I have a vast collection of hot panty pictures for my slaves to worship. A new pair to adore every day!

Socks Slavery

So you want to be slave to my stinky socks and pretty feet? Apply to serve me, and satisfy your itch.

Slaves' chart

Work hard to be at the top of my chart. It's a privilege for any slave to win the money challenge to please me. Now get to it boy!

I am the Real Deal

I am 100% genuine and have been using slaves financially for over 7 years. Slaves get a personal verification pic with their name on it when they start serving me.

Foot Worship

Now just imagine that I let you sleep beneath the sheets, at the foot of my bed. Sweet dreams slave...

Ass Worship

Males go insane at the thought of worshiping my gorgeous ass. Apply to serve me, and you will soon be joining them beneath my ass.

Slave of the Month

(December, 2015) Take part in my slave of the month contest. The slave who makes the biggest tributes in total in the month wins. Even loser maggot cocks can be winners here!

Shoe Slaves Wanted

A girl can never have too many shoes! I have vacancies for shoe slaves who buy me new shoes and boots. Enjoy exclusive photos of your Goddess wearing your tributes. Get down and grovel now!

My Everyday Life Photos

You want to serve and worship a real girl, the very pretty 'girl next door' you'll never have. I share pics from my everyday life with my slaves, to keep them weak for me!

My Slaves

Do you want to show the world how proud you are to worship your Goddess? Have your photo displayed in my slave gallery, for payment of a tribute.

Pay for MY pleasure

I like it when you work hard for me to spend your money on my vacation. You're born to serve a girl like me. Go on, give your Goddess what she wants!

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