My panty slaves

I have sold more than 250 pairs of my worn panties to many slaves and for men who addicted to me. It's nice to get a pair of panties from your panty Goddess to smell them and worship. This is the most intimate thing you can get from me and I thought to make you even more weak by getting my worn panty. It's the real panty slavery as you want to get a fresh pair every month

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Panty slave story. How I become a panty slave of Goddess Lemur

'I can remember having a panty fetish since I had crushes on girls in high school, not only did I wish I could kiss them but, I had a desire to smell their pussy and ass. When I would flirt and wrestle around with girls, I loved it when they would pin me down, sit on my face and dominate me.

Later on in college when girls would get hotter and wear sexier clothes my desire to be a panty slave would grow stronger. This is from 1993-96 and that's when girls started wearing really slutty outfits. The girls then would wear skin tight jeans and ultra short skirts and I could see their thongs! There were many hot girls in my class and I would fantasize that they were sitting on my face during class to smell their pussy!'

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