Pay me tribute whenever I command.

Early on in my voyage as a financial dominatrix, a fresh new fish leaped into my net. His obsession was being forced to pay for fairly random things I wanted. I had never encountered a specimen quite like him. I had only to click my fingers, and declare my current whim, and he would place the sum in my online wallet. These weren't big things: a pair of jeans, shoes, a handbag, some perfume, but my devoted slave loved to pay for stuff that simply took my fancy on a whim.

The things weren't so expensive that I couldn't afford to pay for them myself. I just bought them, thinking of him waiting for my next instruction, and sent him the bill to reimburse me. I'm certain he wasn't a rich man, but he seemed not to have a very exciting life, and earned more money than he knew what to do with. There seem to be a lot of guys like that these days. His greatest joy was being told to cum to a picture of my smiling face, with me wearing the latest item he had paid for. It was the biggest thing in his life. I don't create it, just live it.

I have selected here a few photos of the perfumes he bought for me.


That slave moved on after a while, as we would expect, and others filled the gap. But I am lacking that kind of devotee right now, and would love to fill the gap with another special candidate. He didn't need much motivation to send me what I wanted, but I know that some of you need to feel my stiletto heel bifurcating your sorry balls to inspire the necessary respect! I am happy to oblige!

If you are intrigued, I command you to tell me your story, and explain how you think you might be of service to me. I reject far more applicants than I accept, so you'd better make it good, and tell your tale truthfully. If you're accepted, I will press and intimidate you to do what I want, and pay me what I deserve.

And if truth be told, I don't need your money, but love to torture guys so much (they're always so desperate). You'll be begging me to command you to pay me. How funny and wonderful is that?