Worship my sexy soles, slave!

I launched this site in 2007. My growth and evolution as a superior and dominant woman since then means that I needed to refresh and update it. Having achieved the first phase of the refurbishment, and rewritten the content, I now wish to develop a new approach I have recently tried out. I offer sincere and dedicated submissive males the opportunity to work for me to expand the range and depth of this site.

I know how much you love me, love to worship me, so I leave some pages undone for you my slaves. I offer you the honor of working for me... To express what you feel when you will visit this updated site... To share your thoughts and descriptions. Perhaps also a photo of you worshipping me in your own way. Describe to me your feelings of how you most want to serve me, worship me, and please me. Explain what it is about me that make you feel weakest and most submissive. Describe what serving a beautiful and controlling girl like me means to you. Contribute your own photos, or some art work you have created, if this complements your personal vision of servitude.

If I think that your work is strong enough, and worthy of being included on my site, you will see it here. I will add your finished work as an additional page. It will become a shrine, dedicated by you to your Goddess, which will arouse and inspire other slaves. Your efforts on my behalf will enhance my power, attract new slaves into my service, and make me a wealthier woman.

Reflect on that for a while. I think the thought of working for me in this way will be a powerful stimulus and reward for the kind of slave I most value and want to own.

I have for a short while been allowing willing slaves to work for me in this way, and a few of their offerings already appear on this site - slave Ian, slave Patrick. The slaves involved tell me that they find it very satisfying to be contributing to my power and wealth in this way. It's a dream come true!

So if you have a vision of how you can add to my empire, write to me with your proposal. Needless to say, this opportunity is only open to slaves who have paid at least the introductory tribute, and new slaves are welcome to apply. Only work written clearly, in good English, will have a chance of being accepted.