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1. Loser This is my personal cash machine. Human ATM. He is drooling to pay me as real loser!

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5. Panty slave This is my other panty slave who have bought just 3 panties from me and begging to order MORE

6. $lut I love to torture this cash slut with new tasks to do!

7. Feet slave My personal feet kisser! He has to pay me for the permission to kiss my feet!

8. Sucker slave One of the best slave to follow my orders!

9. Cakes fucker Tiny cock loser is fucking the cakes for my fun!

10. SnailMailPig Some fat assole who don't want to be fat! I'll help you my personal PIG! LOL!

11. Camwhore This slave is working on a cam site to earn extra cash for ME!

12. Sissy maid in my worn pantyhose. This slut is always begging to pay for my other worn pantyhose

13. Tiny-tiny penis slave who will NEVER make any girl happy with such small usb device ;) LOL He can only be a sissy slut to wear girl's underwear thinking that he is a girl as he has no dick! He more a girl than a man!

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