My slaves

I know that being a slave or submissive to a dominant woman comes from a very intimate part of your personality, and most of you don't want the wider world to know that you have these precious but complicated feelings. But I have found that quite a few of you appreciate the opportunity to express your submissive sides in a 'safe' way, to let others know how you feel, without the risk of 'coming out' completely.

Over the years, many of my slaves have sent me photos of themselves which express their submission to me, and I really appreciate it when a slave does this. So I welcome pictures, and if you give your consent I love to publish them here on my site. Slaves tell me that it can feel a great honor to declare their feelings and see the photos on these pages. For some, it is a great stimulation to serve and work harder for their Goddess.

Every slave is different, and I respect each one's privacy and need for confidentiality. If you want to send me a picture, however discreet, I would love to publish it here. Enjoy the selection of photos of other slaves below! Will you be featuring there soon?

Weak slave and worshipper Andre

Slave's Andre Testimonial - I have had a thing for pantyhose for many years, but as a strong independent male with a nice power career, I never followed the line of thought, that my pantyhose fetish should point towards submissiveness. However, these fantasies of worshipping a strong woman in pantyhose did start to haunt me more and more over the last year or so, and I started to browse the Internet for stories, pictures and videos of this subject. About 6 months ago I came across Goddess' website. Since then I began to come back more and more. I was taken by Goddess' beauty and her natural appearance, and I started to think about buying some of her used pantyhose, without ever executing these thoughts, because it was a bit embarressing to admit that this would turn me on. About a week ago I finally took the decision to pay introductory tribute, in order to get access to buy some of Goddess' pantyhose - just so I could play "worshipping" in the safe environment of my own home. I would never have imagined what would happen to me, entering Goddess world!

The way Goddess started to interact with me, full of respect and with a nice and positive attitude, made it easy to share some of my thoughts. In the last week, she has invested the time to make our correspondance and interaction feel very personal. It also means, that Goddess quickly got access to know about my weak spots. She has used this knowledge to push many of my buttons, so within a week, she has me now completely addicted to her. I have become a weak crawling, begging mess, completely owned by Goddess' feet, and all I can think about is how to worship and serve Goddess the best way and how to prove my devotion.

The transformation from just living my own life to a weak worshipper has been so fast, and I'm so, so sorry I hesitated all these months, to pay my instalment. I have found my one and only Goddess, my true harbor for all these feelings, that must have been hidden inside me all these years with my pantyhose fetish, just waiting for the right Goddess to release them.

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      It's my time to kneel down, my Goddess! Adopt me... please...