My slaves

I know that being a slave or submissive to a dominant woman comes from a very intimate part of your personality, and most of you don't want the wider world to know that you have these precious but complicated feelings. But I have found that quite a few of you appreciate the opportunity to express your submissive sides in a 'safe' way, to let others know how you feel, without the risk of 'coming out' completely.

Over the years, many of my slaves have sent me photos of themselves which express their submission to me, and I really appreciate it when a slave does this. So I welcome pictures, and if you give your consent I love to publish them here on my site. Slaves tell me that it can feel a great honor to declare their feelings and see the photos on these pages. For some, it is a great stimulation to serve and work harder for their Goddess.

Every slave is different, and I respect each one's privacy and need for confidentiality. If you want to send me a picture, however discreet, I would love to publish it here. Enjoy the selection of photos of other slaves below! Will you be featuring there soon?

a slave sniffing socks worn by a Goddess

signed ass slave in black stockings

a slave is fucking a melon

I am a tiny penis slave of Goddess Lemur

a slave is a property of goddess lemur

small cock slave worships me

a slut of Goddess Lemur

a slave worships his goddess at a bedroom

slave puppy terrance has red cheeks for his Goddess Lemur

a worshipper of goddess karina