Female Domination (FemDom) Affiliate Program.

I have been in this business for over 8 years, and know how to motivate submissive guys to sign up and pay me. I put a lot of effort into building up one-to-one relationships with my subscribers, and you stand to benefit from that, splitting the recurring revenues from my 50% pay per signup (PPS) program.

For the best coverage, your site should have male visitors who are submissive towards women (in fantasy at least) and might enjoy interacting online with a sexy bossy girl. My site focuses on the following fetishes:

- Foot fetish (for men with a foot fetish; who are weak for pretty feet in socks, pantyhose or barefoot, and fantasize about worshiping them; who fetishize girls' painted toenails; who want sexy photos of their Goddess (barefoot or wearing pantyhose/hosiery).

- Female domination (for submissive males who like to be controlled by a sexy dominant lady; who want to be given tasks (daily/weekly) and punishments by a Goddess, and feel owned by her; cuckold and chastity fantasy (locked up in chastity device, or instructed not to cum for a week or longer): doggy or puppy training as Mistress's domestic pet).

- Pussy/Ass worship. I am a magnet for these guys! If you have a site featuring girls' asses, you would do well to join my adult affiliate program. I have a very nice ass (with regular new photos) which I use to brainwash males with a weakness for the female posterior. Slaves love it, and seem to want to worship photos and videos of my ass every day. I also have panty slaves who I treat with ass-in-panty pics, and pussy slaves who beg to see my pussy.

After initial contact and payment, I interact with and send photos only to regular subscribers, and am very good at keeping them keen, and weak for me.

Dear webmaster, I don't know what kind of visitors you have on your site, so if you think my site might float their boat, fill out the contact form below and I will reply to you today or tomorrow. Let's choose the best banners for your site, and the additional click-through promo content to match your visitors' fantasies, and help you monetize your traffic.