Have no money to serve me? WORK FOR ME!!

Do you have a submissive personality, dream of serving a dominant woman, but can't afford to pay cash tributes?

I have vacancies for slaves able to work for me promoting my web site. Do you think it's complicated? It's super easy!! I know that you have profiles on slaves forums, societies, blogs, communities, social media and other sites you slaves love to browse. Share the links to my website and some description! Just do it! No doubt, I am more than worthy to be listed there.

I don't care that you can't pay a financial tribute now, I know that happens to most of us in life, but you can still work your balls off serving me! That is what I want! The position involves regular blogging, participation in forums and smart use of social media, to boost visits to my site. I will let you call me Boss!

How it works.

Step #1 - Publish links to my website on sites, forums, blogs, Femdom communities, etc.

Write that you're a slave who's working for his Goddess. Describe what I have done to you... LOL! Why you love to serve me.

Step #2 - Fill out the form with your weekly report. Provide links for each post or blog you have made for me

You have to work for me weekly. I want consistent creative effort, and will only recognize slaves who demonstrate this to me. It's not just a one-off job to receive my photos and my Friday tasks to perform. All women desire commitment and STAMINA in their men! Work HARD for me slave and I will keep you HARD! I need to see you're working. You should publish at least 5 links on different sites weekly to get my attention!

Step #3 - My accepted worker slaves will be rewarded every Friday. With tasks, some hot, torturing pics of me making them ever weaker, and other stuff. And above all, the precious right of communication with me. Be warned, I will be watching your every move.