My cash cows exist to pay me. I will milk you without mercy.

Hey paypig, cash cow, or whatever lowly domesticated animal you happen to be.

You know that all you're good for is to be my personal garbage bag, a repository for my trash, my used intimate items. The only use you have is to work, work, work for me, your Goddess, tributing me every Friday, before you can waste the money on luxuries for yourself. LIke proper food, clothes, beer.

Your tribute clasped in one hand, and your mangy purple cock squeezed in the other, what a sorry sight you are! Just pay me the money you know you must pay, and get out of my sight for another week. Bookmark my site for next week, and then fuck off. If you're short of cash then take out a loan, and work harder next week. If you miss a single payment, you're banished forever, and I really won't be sorry to see you go.

You're just a zero, a nothing, to any attractive woman, and especially to a divine Goddess such as me, I would never look at you in the street, you'd disgust me too much, and you know it from bitter experience. The only conceivable function for you pathetic pay pigs and cash cows is to act as surrogate factory farmed animals, kept alive to serve a Female Superior. So now you will serve ME, your entire existence dedicated to providing me with little luxuries and pleasures, while you eat garbage to survive, and wallow in filth. I expect you're fat and unhealthy. You guys always are. So what? I will never have to meet you, so what do I care, as long as you keep up with my demands?

If I am feeling generous after you have handed over your tribute, I might stand on your disgusting little cock in my shiny high-heeled shoe, and squeeze out the juice for you to lick up from the cold, dirty sidewalk. Before I kick you back into the gutter. So delete and close all other bookmarks - you can only serve one Goddess in your life, and it's going to be me. Pay me your first tribute, and beg for my attention. It's not too late to make something of your life.

      Goddess, please allow me to agree a regular payment schedule.