Can't lose weight with the doctors? Lose it with a Goddess instead!

Some foolish people think it's OK to be fat, but quite a few more intelligent fat pigs have asked me how to lose weight in order to be more attractive to the girls. They want to be fit and find a relationship with a sexy girl, but it's not possible as no sexy girl wants to date a great big barrel (unless maybe it's full of oil... LOL)

Other fat slaves know what they're doing wrong, but lack the motivation to do anything about it. If only they had that sexy girl friend, they think, she would motivate them to lose weight. But 'if only' is just baloney, and that's where I can help. I'll be that motivation that inspires you to lose your unsightly fat and reveal that hidden six-pack! Let me bring out that well-hidden babe-magnet within! Use my slave diet. I'll teach you and it's fun to deal with me. I can easily motivate you! ;)

Success story #1

Week 0 - Ken's initial weight was 236.8 pounds

Ken knew it wasn't a weight to be proud of. He asked me to assist him to lose his excess weight as he wasn't happy living with a huge tummy (see the photo above). I set him my own healthy and natural weight loss program, and demanded weekly updates, with photographic evidence. It wasn't all torture for Ken: smart girls know that a guy has to be rewarded...

Initial weight was 236.8 pounds

1st Week. (-3.4 lbs)

Ken responded to my motivation well, and made a great start.

1st Week - 233.4 pounds

2nd Week. (-3.8 lbs)

Go Ken! You're doing great - over 7 lbs in two weeks!

2nd Week - 229.6 pounds

3rd Week. (-1.4 lbs)

It's getting harder now, but he's keeping to my programme (inspired a few juicy carrots in the form of my naughty photos).

3rd Week - 228.2 pounds

4th Week. (-1.2 lbs)

Of course I had to be strict with Ken (it was for his own good ;-)), and he maintained good progress. That's almost 10 lbs in four weeks.

4th Week - 227.0 pounds

5th Week. (-2.0 lbs)

My motivation is working (who could resist? ;-) ) , and Ken's responding well to my irresistible charm and insistence.

5th Week - 225.0 pounds

6th Week. (-1.8 lbs)

Good effort Ken. He's sticking to the regime, and doesn't want to let me down.

6th Week - 223.2 pounds

7th Week. (-2.6 lbs)

I'm so proud of you Ken! That's seven weeks in a row of weight loss. Maybe now the hot girls are starting to give you the eye in the mall ;-)

7th Week - 220.6 pounds

8th Week. (-1.8 lbs)

I had a little dance when I saw this result. 18 lbs in eight weeks. No retreat, no surrender from Ken (driven on by his sexy trainer Karina)!

8th Week - 218.8 pounds

9th Week. (-2.8 lbs)

Ken's best result since week 2. And these pounds are harder to shed. Ken's on a roll - great effort!

9th Week - 216.0 pounds

10th Week. (-2.0 lbs)

Yay! This partnership rocks! But in your heart you already know the power a sexy girl has over a man, don't you? ;-)

10th Week - 214.0 pounds

11th Week. (-2.6 lbs)

Ken, you're a star, and I'm so proud of you. You (usually) did what I told you, focused hard, and achieved a great result. Bravo!

11th Week - 211.4 pounds

Well, as you can see, Ken's average weight loss was a healthy 2.3 lbs per week. I don't want to say it's World Record (lol), in truth he was a little bit lazy sometimes, but it was a great result. I think he had some fun under my strict supervision too ;-)

So you can be a bit lazy, but stick mostly to my regime, and maybe you can lose even more than 25.4 lbs (11.5 Kg) in 11 weeks. It's 10.7% of his weight. Tenth part of his body (fat part!!). I think it's a very good result!

I'd be delighted to try to match or better this result with you. I won't torture you much (unless you deserve it ;-)), and you should get fitter and look awesome for the next beach season. Those sexy beach babes will be lining up to ask you to rub in their sun screen lotion ;-)

Ken looks much better now! I only wish you'd be less lazy. Thanks for the photos!!!

Success story #2. - Matt's initial weight was 97.7 Kg (215.6 pounds)

1st Week - 95.5 Kg (-2.2 Kg or -4.8 lbs)

Matt was not huge, but he was very uncomfortable knowing that he had come up from around 75 Kg. And of course it's not healthy at all to have that much extra weight feeling as a loser! I have invented a slave diet. It's easy and it works! You can see that!

Look at aboriginals in jungles - they are all fit and sexy ;) It's natural to be fit and our bodies are genetically predisposed to have a naturally low weight. Bad diet and lack of exercise makes us fat. Overweight, you could never climb a tree fast enough if a lion chose you for lunch. You can only hope to drown her (it's always the female lions who do the hunting ;-) ) in a river of your tears, or repel her with the last loud scream your fat throat can generate.

OK, come away from the jungle. LOL. I want to transport you back to the concrete jungle. Do you spot girls looking away in disgust when they see your fat belly and chubby face? Do you want this to be your lot for the rest of your life? Your body begs you to be fit and of a healthy weight, but it needs your help. I am here to transform you from fat slave to just a slave of me!

1st Week. (-2.2 Kg or -4.8 lbs)

A great start Matt. I see that already you fear your sexy new trainer ;-)

1st Week - 95.5 Kg (-2.2 Kg or -4.8 lbs)

2nd Week. (-1.5 Kg or -3.3 lbs)

Acceptable progress Matt, but I want you to do much better, and I know how to make you...

2nd Week - 94.0 Kg (-1.5 Kg or -3.3 lbs)

3rd Week. (-3.4 Kg or -7.5 lbs)

Amazing how motivational your Karina can be when she's angry isn't it Matt? Great work my darling!

3rd Week - 90.6 Kg (-3.4 Kg or -7.5 lbs)

4th Week. (-2.0 Kg or -4.4 lbs)

Good good after last week's big effort, 2 kg off this week is commendable.

4th Week - 88.6 Kg (-2.0 Kg or -4.4 lbs)

5th Week. (-2.4 Kg or -5.3 lbs)

Bravo Matt. Was it my naughty photos (rewards) or punishments that worked best? ;-)

5th Week - 86.2 Kg (-2.4 Kg or -5.3 lbs)

Total -11.5 Kg (-25.4 lbs) in 5 weeks!!

As you can see, Matt's results are even better than Ken's !! He lost the same -11.5 Kg (-25.4 lbs) but in only 5 weeks!! It's awesome!! Well done!

The powerful combination of my appealing strong personality, sexy looks and instinct for how to motivate guys to do exactly what I want, can help you lose weight just as fast. Like many girls, I really enjoy having a guy under my control, especially when he accepts it gratefully in the interests of his health ;)

If you're overweight too, can't you just imagine how good you'd feel losing 10 Kg in a month??

Slim with Karina. Let's zap those porky pounds together!

Pay to get fit for the next beach season!

No need to feel shy. Be honest and open about what you want to achieve. I know a lot about nutrition and exercise, and want to help you if you need my help. Under my supervision, you will have a lot of fun and pleasure losing weight the Karina way, and I'll make it as easy as possible. Slim with me, and you'll be glad you lost your porky pounds with my formidable powers of motivation and feminine persuasion, and my strictly adults-only plan ;-)

Come on guys, you have nothing to lose but your weight-gains.

  Please Goddess, train me with your slave diet!