About me (Goddess Lemur).

My name is Karina and I am your Financial Goddess from now on. Many of you males know me as Goddess Lemur, so I don't mind if you call me that!

Why me and not some other girl? Well, it's because I have learned how easily I can enslave submissive men. They arrive at my site free men, but quickly get captivated by me, and soon can't live without paying me tribute. And I love to have a stable of slaves, serving at my beck and call, helping to finance my lifestyle and ensuring that I have nice things!

I think that my appeal is down to a combination of things. I am a beautiful, sexy young woman, and looks of course play a big part. The slaves who worship me love to know that they are bowing down to a genuine beautiful girl, the very pretty 'girl next door', who they know in their hearts deserves their tribute and devotion. These men know that they were born to serve a woman like me, and don't want to lose their chance.

I am not a caricature, but a REAL girl. I express my personality and sense of humor in my interactions with my slaves, and invest a lot of time in getting to know them. My slaves feel privileged to deal with a genuine, intelligent girl, who treats them as individuals and gives them her time and attention.

Most of my slaves have had bad experiences with other financial dommes. They tell me how in the end it's very unsatisfying to pay tribute to a girl who just treats them like shit, and dishes out the same stuff, in the same way, to every slave. In contrast, I select my slaves carefully, and like them as individuals. My feminine intuition and instinct for psychology help me to understand the submissive male mind. Furthermore, my experience over the past seven years enables me to get right inside your head, making you feel weaker and more submissive to me than you ever thought possible.

As you can see, I am not a dark mistress who wears black lipstick and black clothes. That's just a stereotype and it is not me. I am a real girl, not a cliche. Make no mistake, I can be a mean, demanding bossy bitch when I want to be, and you will no doubt see this side of me sometimes, if you serve me. I really enjoy behaving like this when the mood takes me, and to get my way, knowing that the slave will adore me all of the more for it. But this is not my default mode of interaction, I am more complex and nuanced than that. I know too that some slaves respond better to other styles of female domination, which may be lighter in tone. I always adapt my approach to a slave's personality in order to get the results I want (his undying devotion and adoration!), and enrich his submissive experience.

Doing this since 2007, I have enough experience to see who is really interested in serving me, and who has a financial slavery fetish, but not the money to give me the tribute I deserve. Don't waste my time if you don't want to pay for the privilege of serving me! I would rather spend my precious time on an existing slave than waste it with a person who isn't going to pay for the joy of serving a pretty and demanding girl and make her his Goddess.

Moreover... I only ever respond to new applicants after they have paid their initial tribute, and proved their intention to serve me as their new financial Goddess! It's the rule now, and you can read it on my contact page.