Pay your introductory tribute, or make supplementary tributes.

Being an experienced Goddess who has been receiving tributes from respectful males for the past 7 years, I know how much you want to express your submission and devotion to me. It is a perfectly natural male impulse, so you need feel no shame.

I have also seen how no two slaves are quite the same - some need to suffer severely for a mean and cruel Goddess, some are driven to kneel before a haughty Mistress who likes to humiliate, some want to feel a connection with a beautiful woman who they know is their superior, to serve her and make her life more pleasant. Other men love to hand over money to a sweet 'girl next door', who only has to smile, flash her eyes, and hold out her hand to get what she wants from them. The human male reveals so many permutations to the smart lady who can see within!

So pay your introductory tribute of $50, and then I will be delighted to receive and reply to your written approach telling me what I mean to you, and how you wish to serve me. Don't delay, pay now, and enjoy the first day of the rest of your life. In servitude to your new Goddess.



  Please let me serve you my Goddess.

    It's time I paid another tribute, my Goddess.

For new slaves applying to serve me! For existing money slaves who pay me weekly, monthly and additional tributes.