Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

I'm always being asked questions by you. You want to know my shoe size, my height etc, you want to know how much I will take from you each week/month etc... etc... LOL. So here are some of the most popular questions, with my replies. But if your tongue is itching to ask me a question not answered here, use this contact page to do so...

I'm sick and tired of answering this question, that's why I have taken LOTS of verification photos with slaves' names to assure them that I am the real deal. I know that you don't want to get involved in some scam. So be assured that once you start tributing me, I will send you a personalised photo, with a sign containing a personal message from me to you. And I know that it will make you grow even weaker for me than when you signed up! OKAY?
It's up to you. No two slaves are the same, and I want to have a personalised interaction with each of you. I want you to be open and honest about your fetishes and weaknesses. Treat me with the respect I deserve, and give me as much control as you can surrender. We will go from there, and work out how best you can serve me, your new Goddess.
Gifts are very welcome. But I prefer to take cash and buy what I really need. I am very particular about what I acquire, and only accept the things I want to own. I will tell you what I want and how much it costs. You will obey by sending cash and I will send you a photo of your gift, usually with me in the photo.
Sure! I have been using it for 7 years and it anonymises every transaction. It is fast and reliable. The acknowledgement for your payment will indicate only that you have sent an amount of cash, and not mention anything about what you have paid for.
Yes, you can! I always mask the names and faces on slaves' photos if they appear on my site. If you don't want to send me photos, or don't want any such photos to appear on my site, I will respect your wishes. I have been working this way for seven years and know how to maintain the confidentiality you require. I am a fair deal!
Silly you ;) Of course not, your journey has hardly begun! I want to keep good loyal slaves. I want to find out more about what makes you tick, in order to make you a better slave. I will keep feeding your natural desire to serve me, and set you tasks, knowing that all this will keep your dick hard, and make you even weaker for me. I like that very much, it really turns me on to feel your devotion, and I feed on your submission to me! That's how you will become addicted to being trapped inside of my sweet financial mire.
Yes, sure you can! I use several payment processors. Just pay your first tribute with my regular one that I use on the site, and contact me.
As it's my personal website, sure I can. Contact me and let's discuss the details. I know that some of you guys can't live without your custom orders to satisfy that itch which never goes away! But be careful what you wish for: it might get you addicted!
Usually I reply to incoming messages twice a day. In the morning when I wake up and in the evening. Sometimes I can't reply in the morning because I need to ship my worn items, and do other things, but if so you can expect a reply in the evening when I come back home (after I've spent your money).
Yes, you can. But you need to be a slave who already tributes me. I hate those who have never tributed, but ask for the webcam session "right here, right now" as he has a boner right now. I'll plan that kind of date (LOL) and tell you when I could be available, once you are tributing me...
I have some slaves who can't live without my chastity training, and have blue balls. (LMAO). They are only allowed to be unlocked after they pay a tribute every Friday at 8:00 PM. You need to deserve the right to cum! Other tribute timings are available! I really enjoy keeping a slave in chastity, but you have to want it, because I cannot force you to submit from a distance if you really don't want to (but I'm wishing that I could)...

Feel free to ask me any other questions, and the most common ones I will list here.

Your path to being my slave starts HERE, and I'll get you hooked VERY fast. You have been looking for me and now you have found me!! You have always wanted to worship a girl like me. I believe in treating each slave as an individual, and like to share details of my everyday life with them because, for a slave, servitude to a real girl is far more powerful than to a fake stereotype. Without fakery, I will make you want to submit to me, and keep your cock ever-hard, ready to stroke only at my command, only when I say!