I am a REAL Goddess. My personalised verification photos to see you that.

I know you want to see that you're dealing with a real Money Goddess, so I have invented a verification feature in which I hold a sign with a personalised message to you. I expect that you have seen something similar on other sites, but I assure you that it was MY invention, and I have been doing it since 2007.

Some slaves want to have a verification photo with a specific message on it, which they set as their desktop wallpaper, or phone screen image, to remind them constantly of their Goddess, a domme who'll own your money. If you would like this, tell me what you want the message to say, after you've made your introductory tribute, and we can agree a suitable wording to mark the beginning of your new life as my cash slave.

Here are some examples of previous signs I have made, to inspire your imagination!

Donations for November 2023

November is a month of inner silence, a time of anticipation for December when the holidays arrive. I'm working to earn extra money to celebrate the holidays with joy and love, knowing that I can bring light to your lives like a guiding star. You are like butterflies drawn to me, each for your unique reason. You seek to enrich your lives with something special that can't be found at a grocery store. I'm here, waiting for kind-hearted individuals to reach out, find contentment in what truly matters to them. Support my November, and I'll reciprocate with my charm and allure. Treat me well, and you'll find yourself feeling happier, wishing you'd discovered me sooner. It's not just about money; it's about mutual inspiration.

Current month's donations - (November 2023)

Nov 1, 2023 My slut Jessica wants to be even sluttier buying Christmas outfits. $50.00 click to see
Nov 3, 2023 My kickass works great to make you lose weight, my slave Kenny $25.00 click to see
Nov 4, 2023 Arjay won the 2nd monthly contest and wants to be scheduled again! $25.00 Gift Card
Nov 3, 2023 Welcome back, Justin! Get on your knees and sniff my nyloned feet again $100.00 click to see
Nov 3, 2023 Justin, just sit and sniff! shhhhhh.... $75.00 ($175.00 total) click to see
Nov 7, 2023 Thank you Shane for a great tip! KISS! $50.00 click to see
Nov 7, 2023 Welcome back Greg for your sweets! wink ;) $100.00 click to see
Nov 7, 2023 Keep going, my slave Kenny and you'll be rewarded on Friday! $25.00 click to see
Nov 8, 2023 I can't wait to see my slut Jessica in Christmas outfit! $50.00 click to see
Nov 8, 2023 Greg, I have found some desirable sweets for you! $25.00 ($125.00 total) click to see
Nov 10, 2023 You're a good boy, my fit pig Kenny! You deserved a treat! $25.00 click to see
Nov 11, 2023 Arjay is following his personal schedule wearing a strict collar. $50.00 Gift Card
Nov 14, 2023 I have prepared something hot for you my piggy Kenny! $25.00 click to see
Nov 14, 2023 Arjay thinks about her Domme wherever he goes to grab gift cards. $25.00 Gift Card
Nov 16, 2023 Woo-Hoo!!! Richie is back for a new pair of my panties! $100.00 click to see
Nov 16, 2023 My slut Jessica is a perfect Christmas slut! So sexy! Love your outfit! $50.00 click to see
Nov 17, 2023 Enjoy the video, slave Kenny. You deserved to cum so bad! LOL $25.00 click to see
Nov 18, 2023 Get ready for the check & mate, my worshiper Arjay. $75.00 ($175.00 total) Gift Card
Nov 21, 2023 Kenny, it will be very challenging for you not gaining weight this week. $25.00 ($150.00 total) click to see
Nov 22, 2023 My slut Jessica loves to lick my ass. $50.00 ($200.00 total) click to see

- October 2023 - Admirer of the month WINNER - Admirer Arjay

(Other men receive my personal attention while you wank on some soulless porn). Can you afford $25?


(click to enlarge these photos)

October 2023 (previous month)

Oct 3, 2023 My beach visits are over and I'll take care of you... my slave Ken. $25.00 click to see
Oct 4, 2023 My slut Jessica is busy helping people (in the NYC?) but still playful. $50.00 click to see
Oct 6, 2023 Arjay is happy to win the monthly contest and wants more! $50.00 Gift Card
Oct 6, 2023 I am waiting for your weekly weight loss result, my slave Kenny. $25.00 click to see
Oct 7, 2023 Welcome back, Shane! My nipples get hard to tease you again. he-he $50.00 click to see
Oct 8, 2023 Arjay's penalty even though he is on vacation in Canada. $50.00 Gift Card
Oct 9, 2023 Gary sent a late birthday gift. He loves my panties and naughty stockings $100.00 click to see
Oct 10, 2023 Kenny, cum and paint your wall. LOL $25.00 click to see
Oct 11, 2023 My slutty whore Jessica wants to take 2 cocks at once. $50.00 click to see
Oct 13, 2023 Slave Ken gained weight and will not be allowed to cum for a week. $25.00 click to see
Oct 17, 2023 Slave Ken can't think properly without permission to cum for 2 weeks. $25.00 click to see
Oct 18, 2023 I am treating my slut Jessica with something unique she likes $50.00 click to see
Oct 20, 2023 A good result is a good wank, my fatboy Kenny! $25.00 click to see
Oct 20, 2023 Arjay can't wait to come back home to be scheduled again. $25.00 Gift Card
Oct 23, 2023 Richie received my worn panties and wants a pair of my nude pantyhose $100.00 click to see
Oct 24, 2023 Kenny, get prepared for a good wank this Friday. Don't eat junk food. $25.00 click to see
Oct 25, 2023 My slut Jessica takes two cocks at once. WOW $50.00 ($200.00 total) click to see
Oct 27, 2023 Richie received my panties and couldn't resist sending an admiring gift. $50.00 ($150.00 total) click to see
Oct 27, 2023 Kenny is a bad ass again who gained weight... $25.00 click to see
Oct 28, 2023 Arjay's move on the chessboard to avoid punishment. $50.00 Gift Card
Oct 31, 2023 Kenny, pick a fat bee costume for Halloween. lol $25.00 ($225.00 total) click to see
Oct 31, 2023 Arjay's Check & Mate and my Trick & Treat for this month's victory;) $100.00 ($275.00 total) Gift Card

If you are worried about being mentioned in this chart, I will not publish your details here.

    Karina, I want to treat you.  I respect what you're doing!


goddess holding $50 banknote wearing black pantyhose and heels